Blackberr Information Security inc.

Our specialist team of testers undertake engagements with the upmost professionalism. Our clients privacy is incredibly important to us. We need our clients to trust us, so we will never do anything to destroy that trust. Our business relies on us having integrity. Our services are as follows:

Our Main Services:

Red Team

We find your vunternabilities from the perspective of an attacker. Very much like penetration testing, but wiht a few differences. A Red Team will test like a threat actor will. Also, a Red Team assesment will often be longer in length because of the multiple attack vectors being utilised. A Red Team will be made up of multiple team members. Often penetration tests will be one person.

Red Teams are more wide in breath in not only the attacks undertaken, but the extent of what is possible. In otherwords, if you need to impersonate a mail delivery person, we will just to make it past the front door. Red Teams will use every tool in their shed to achieve their goals. Finally, only a few people in the organisation will know about the test being undertaken. This is no holds bar testing at its finest.

We quite enjoy these engagements.

Social Engineering Penetration Tests

We find the human vulnerabilities.

One of our main specialities is Social Engineering. We consider both application and organisation vulnerabilities. Social Engineering considers the human side of security. All the best security tech in the world can be brought down with a simple social engineering attack.

Physical Penetration Testing

We find the vulnerabilities in your physical location.

These engagements can be as rigid or open as possible. Depending on what the client wants we can test the physical security systems. It can include just breaking in and will often include finding sensitive infomation. This can be distructive, so we work with clients to determine our goals and the limits we are bound by.

Our Other Services:


Data collection for complete tests.

OSINT stands for Open Source Intelligence. The first step in any engagment is finding out about the target. We can also do reconnaissance/OSINT on its own to determine your organisations footprint online and what is easily found by the public. Organisations often unknowingling leave information in the open, which then arms the potential threat actors to harm your organisation.

External Network Penetration Testing

How vulnerable is your public network systems?

We test your network from the outside, as an outsider would. This would include all public network systems.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

How vulnerable is your public network systems?

Mobile Appliation Evaluation

How vulnerable are your mobile applications?

Mobile is fast becoming the largest threat vector due to the rise in the use around the world. Because of this testing your mobile applications is now crucial, and no longer an option.

Web Application Penetration Tests

Web applications are still very much relevant and need to be tested. We use software like Burp to do this type of testing. It is quick and efficient, plus can give us insights into any areas that may need more testing.

Contact us today to find out how we may help you with your security needs. We love working with smaller organisations and non-profits.